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Soweto Kinch

Double MOBO Award winner Soweto Kinch is one of the British jazz scene's brightest stars. His distinctive brand combining technically brilliant, bebop-influenced alto saxophone and imaginative, incisive, hip-hop lyricism; ignores musical barriers to deliver thrilling live concerts infused with showmanship and sheer energy. 

“A real tour de force.. scalding saxophone” (The Guardian)

To celebrate the launch of his new album Nonagram, alto-saxophonist and MC Soweto Kinch takes to the stage. A journey through the hidden world of abstraction, Nonagram is based around the nine-sided wheel (nonagon) and draws inspiration from the incorporeal concepts of mathematics, through shifting time signatures, harmony and tonality that explores how music gives form to ideas that can’t be seen in the nature. “A musical antidote that inspires us to see new visions of the surrounding world” Nonagram takes its name from a nine sided shape, a subtle and intelligent interaction that traverses the realms between art and science.

“In an age where words, science or religion are often used to divide people, I’m largely inspired by these numerical and sonic aspects of music that transcend cultural differences. Whilst writing the Legend of Mike Smith, I had innumerable conversations about ‘dark forces’ controlling the music industry and keeping the populace as sheeple. Part of the inspiration is in injecting a musical antidote that instead inspires us to see new visions of the surrounding world”


Friday 18 November, 2016

(standing) / Age Restrictions: 18+

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